The Co-Operative Supermarket,
East Wittering

This new 14,000 sq ft food store was designed to act as a ‘book end’ for the village centre when viewed from the west and as a landmark approaching the village from the east. It has fresh modern aesthetic as a vibrant statement, whilst not appearing out of scale or context with the village.

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The brief for the new Co-operative store in East Wittering was to provide a larger store with dedicated parking which will better meet the needs of residents of the Wittering and surrounding villages and that would also be able to cope with increased demand in the summer months when there is an influx of holiday-makers into the area.

In designing the scheme the opportunity has been taken to improve the access into the site while creating an enhanced approach to the village centre.

A number of sketch options were developed by the design team for consideration to resolve highway, servicing and neighbouring issued.

The concept for the appearance of the scheme takes reference from the gentle waves of the coastal waters, expressing the village’s seaside location.

Detailed planning consent was successfully achieved in November 2013, where the quality of the design was highlighted as one reason to support the application.

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Location: East Wittering
Client: Southern Co-operative
Typology: Retail